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About Bahia Beach Resort

Never before has one experienced such elegant luxury in perfect harmony with nature. Bahia Beach Resort offers so much, from the exceptional St. Regis branded Ocean Drive Beachfront Residences and Atlantic Drive Estates, world class golf, two-mile crescent beach, nature trails and lakes, and endless activities and amenities.

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Situated on 483 gated acres of lush maritime forest on Puerto Rico’s idyllic Northeast coast, Bahia Beach Resort offers an unparalleled tropical experience. A destination unlike any other, where elegance and unspoiled natural beauty coexist in total harmony providing bliss and adventure in equal measure.

Inspired by Nature

Fringed by the extraordinary El Yunque National Rainforest, Bahia Beach Resort designates over 65% as green areas, including wildlife sanctuaries and nature trails.

By partnering with public and private organizations the resort works to protect local endangered species like the leatherback turtle and the Caribbean Manatee and is one of 21 resorts worldwide designated as a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary, and the only resort in the Caribbean with this honored distinction.

Marshes, lakes, a coconut plantation, freshwater swamps, mangroves, sandy beach, coral reef and secondary forests creates an environment of great value for wildlife. The precious natural environment is treasured and the resort maintains a strong commitment to protecting and enhancing habitat for wildlife conservation through the efforts of the Soul of Bahia, a nonprofit organization created and managed by the Bahia Beach Resort.

Where Abundance
Takes on New Meaning

El Yunque National Rain Forest, a 28,000 acre preserve, is the only tropical national forest on U.S. soil and was established as a National Park in 1906. Plant life is represented with over 240 species of trees, 50 species of ferns, 20 varieties of wild orchids and a large multitude of flowers.

The Farm

The Farm at Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club offers its residents healthy organic fresh produce straight from the farm to their tables. We understand the needs and preferences of our highly exclusive clientele and appreciate their choice of a healthy lifestyle. Our produce follows our ethos of only providing the highest quality of service and products for those that require only the finest.  

Alma De Bahia

Alma De Bahia Foundation, which translates to the Soul of Bahia, is the non-profit arm of the Bahia Beach Resort & Golf Club, contributing to community and local sustainability through conservation initiatives and environmental education. The Foundation is tasked with the protection and enrichment of critical habitats for the flora and fauna inside the resort and its surrounding areas. The Foundation also works closely with public and private organizations to protect the environment and educate the public.

The Foundation works very closely with the residents and guests at Bahia to give back to our community and the natural environment.

Partnership of Excellence

In September 2013, Paulson & Co. Inc., a New York-based investment firm, acquired a majority interest in BBP Partners – a joint venture between two of Puerto Rico’s leading real estate developers, Interlink Group and Munoz Holdings, who built the first homes in Bahia Beach in 2007. The entire team’s meaningful commitment to the integrity of the environment and the Island combined with their impeccable taste has pushed the resort to new heights.