Certified Gold Audubon International Sanctuary

August 3, 2015

Proud to be a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary

Bahia Beach is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. From the lush forests to the turquoise oceans to the abundance of lively wildlife, few places compare to the scenery and sounds that you will find at Bahia Beach. In fact, 65% of  the Bahia Beach property is made up of unharmed wildlife sanctuaries and incredible nature trails, earning us the distinction of being a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary.

What it Means to Be a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary

The goal of Audubon International is to help resorts provide healthy, natural habitats for the native wildlife while teaching green business practices to preserve the environment. As a member of the Signature Program, we had to work closely with Audubon International during our development phase to ensure that our entire property was designed with Mother Nature in mind. Not only that, but we had to show that we can achieve and sustain these green practices long-term. We take this responsibility seriously, and we are committed to preserving the land and wildlife that makes Bahia Beach such a mesmerizing place to be.

The Full Certification Process

Here is a closer look at the certification process to give you a clear picture of the steps we went through to obtain this merit:

  • Initial Assessment – A member of the Audubon International staff visited our property to determine what natural resources we had and how a typical construction process could damage them
  • Natural Resource Management Plan – Next, Audubon International put together an NRMP to let us know how to build our resort so that there would be minimal impact on the environment and the wildlife that depends on it to live.
  • Execution - We had several site visits both during and after the construction phase to confirm we were following the guidelines set out in the NRMP.
  • Random Audits - Audubon International continues to visit us to perform audits, making sure we are still doing our part to protect our planet.
  • Recertification - Being labeled as a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary is not a one-time thing—we are required to recertify every few years to keep the distinction.

Our Commitment

Becoming a Certified Gold Audubon International Signature Sanctuary is more than just a label: It demonstrates our extreme passion for the world around us. We continuously partner with both private and public organizations to ensure that the local endangered species will be around for our kids’ kids to enjoy—because the world would be a little less beautiful without the Leatherback Turtle or Caribbean Manatee.

The Bahia Beach resort features some of the most luxurious accommodations you will come across, but more importantly, it is made up of serene lakes, sandy beaches, active coral reefs, and the animal-laden El Yunque National Rainforest. We promise to keep it this way for generations to come.