The Soul of Bahia Gives Local Stray Dogs a Second Chance

October 12, 2016

Bahia Beach Resort and Golf Club is always looking for ways to do their part in helping neighboring wildlife and our local communities. There is one group that The Soul of Bahia organization (run by Bahia Beach Resort and Golf Club) finds very near and dear to their hearts - local stray dogs that are looking for a second chance.Unfortunately, some people in Puerto Rico (along with other parts of the world) will adopt or buy puppies, but find they are unable to care for the dogs long term either financially or because they were not anticipating the level of care a pet entails. Therefore, many great pets are discarded and left to fend for themselves.

How Our Dogs get a New Lease on Life at Bahia Beach

Through the Soul of Bahia Foundation, Bahia Beach has built, and continues to maintain, an amazing dog rescue program. Marcela Canon and Ashley Perez—true dog lovers and absolute heros in our opinion—along with their team, secure the dogs around the resort, bathe them, and restore them to health through hard work and lots of love. Many of the animals come to us starving, scared and injured or in ill health, but The Soul of Bahia team works tirelessly to bring them back to health, and to give them the love they want so much. Marcela says the dogs are very appreciative of the care they receive, which you can see when you look into their eyes.Each dog or puppy has their own unique story of how they came to us, and how we brought them to become loving, adoptable pets. The team is always ready to help pair interested adopters with their perfect pup match. We get to know each dog’s personality and temper so that we can ensure they are placed in the best home for them and their new pet-parents.

Stray Dogs in Puerto Rico with Dog Trainer

How Can Bahia Beach Guests Help?

The members at Bahia Beach do a big part in helping us to save these dogs in Puerto Rico. We invite many of our members and guests to come play with the dogs, take them on walks, and even foster them while they are awaiting adoption to help socialize them. In fact, many of our members or their friends and family adopt the dogs permanently.The Soul of Bahia Foundation takes care of the entire adoption process—including a partnership with American Airlines for deeply discounted transportation to the mainland—to make it easy for the new owner.If you are interested in bringing home your own lovable pet from Puerto Rico, The Soul of Bahia Foundation regularly showcases new dogs through our social channels. Keep an eye out; one of these pups could become your newest family member - and we can promise you that these dogs will forever return the favor with their loyalty and love.Contact almadebahia@bahia.life for more information on how you can learn more about adopting, or donating time or funds to this amazing program.