The Employee Relief Fund at Bahia Beach Resort

October 30, 2017

The Bahia Beach Resort is so grateful to have so many incredible employees. Our staff members have been a critical part of getting Bahia Beach back up and running so smoothly after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, and they have worked tirelessly to repair our beautiful resort. Without their help, we would never have been able to get back on our feet the way we have.The hurricanes have greatly affected many parts of the island and federal aid to Puerto Rico can only go so far, leaving many of our employees and their families without power, water, and access to food. We have created an Employee Relief Fund through The Foundation of Alma de Bahia to assist the 23 Bahia employees and their families that have been greatly affected by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, in hopes to reciprocate the tremendous help that they have given us at Bahia Beach during this time. With your help, we will provide these families with what they need to get them back on their feet.

The Soul of Bahia shines through all the efforts at the Bahia Beach Resort. On an ongoing basis, the Bahia Beach Resort has provided complimentary breakfast and lunch to our staff members everyday while they are here working. The Alma de Bahia Foundation is working on providing immediate relief, which includes first need items for employee’s families, such as clean drinking water, ice, and food. Recovery of the island requires long-term support for the people of Puerto Rico as well, and for those employees that were less fortunate during the storm, the Soul of Bahia has created the Employee Relief Fund through The Alma de Bahia Foundation to aid our employees in the long-term.

The Employee Relief Fund is our way of thanking our incredible employees for all the work that they have done to help us after the damage of the hurricanes. We hope that we can show our gratitude to them by helping them in return, and working to aid overall Puerto Rico relief and recovery efforts so that we can rebuild our beautiful island together. The Bahia Beach Resort wishes to thank all our staff members for all of their continuous help and support as we recover from these natural disasters.