Which Bahia Beach Home Community is Right for You?

August 7, 2015

Which Bahia Beach Home Community is Right for You?

When you decide to live in a Bahia Beach home community, you can be assured that you will take residence in a luxuriously styled, solidly built home. Whether you opt for a stately custom home in Las Estancias, or an elegant golf-view condo in Las Verandas, you will wake up each morning feeling like you are on the best vacation of our life—only you are at home. To help you decide which Bahia Beach home community fits your lifestyle the best, here is a closer look at what the Las Estancias and Las Verandas neighborhoods have to offer:

Stately Custom Homes at Las Estancias

The Las Estancias community is home to many affluent families, couples, and entrepreneurs. Some have made Las Estancias their permanent home, others visit occasionally when they want to break away from the hustle and bustle of every day life back in the city, and others use this Bahia Beach home community as an investment opportunity. Whatever the reason, all of the residents of Las Estancias enjoy exquisite homes with incredible amenities in exclusive locations.

These St. Regis-branded homes offer 360-degree views of the stunning landscape surrounding the Las Estancias Bahia Beach home community. From the turquoise ocean to the lush El Yunque Rainforest to the award-winning golf course, there is always something beautiful to see, no matter where you are in your home. If you choose a Las Estancias home, it will be built according to your exact specifications, and the options include extraordinary details crafted by the finest architects, such as oversized windows, high ceilings, and modern exteriors.

Elegant Golf-View Condos at Las Verandas

Since our Las Verandas neighborhood features many well-appointed one and two bedroom condominiums, it is home to a lot of couples and businessmen. This Bahia Beach home community has sold out of its spacious three-bedroom condos.

The gorgeous architecture of these luxurious condos perfectly accents the spectacular golf course, lake, and rainforest views that Bahia Beach is known for. The residents of Las Verandas love their exclusive access to the central recreational area, which features a large well-kept lawn, resort-style swimming pool, picture-worthy gazebos, and high-end barbecue and kitchenette facilities. Whether enjoying the area with friends and family, or taking in the fresh air alone, our Las Verandas residents are living life the way it was meant to be spent.

When it comes down to it, both the Las Estancias and Las Verandas neighborhoods were created with one type of person in mind: someone who wants to live in luxury as they take in the stunning sights Puerto Rico has to offer. Whether you choose Las Estancias or Las Verandas, our Bahia Beach home community options will exceed your expectations.