4 Ways to Savor the Two Miles of Sandy Beaches at Bahia Beach

October 10, 2015

4 Ways to Savor the Two Miles of Sandy Beaches at Bahia Beach

Few things compare to the feeling of sand in between your toes as the sun showers down on you and the ocean waves crash against your legs—and there are few places more amazing to experience this than the gorgeous beaches of Bahia Beach. The Bahia Beach Resort is home to two miles of the most incredible beaches in Puerto Rico, ready for your enjoyment. Here are four ways to take in everything the stunning beaches in Puerto Rico have to offer:

Soak Up the Sun

With more than enough room to spread out, our resort is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for sunbathing. Whether you use one of our deluxe chaise lounges that are provided, or you prefer the feeling of a towel on the sand, you will be in heaven as you feel the warm sunrays soaking into your skin.

Go for a Swim

The oceans at Bahia Beach are ideal for taking a dip or soaking your toes. Calmly float up and down with the waves as you savor the beauty surrounding you. Additionally, our beaches in Puerto Rico are also great for a variety of watersports, such as stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, and skim boarding.

Indulge in a Book

With two vast miles of welcoming sand to choose from, there is nowhere better to immerse yourself in the world of fiction than Bahia Beach. You will be able to locate a secluded spot so you can read without interruption, as the splashing waves offer the ideal backdrop for you to focus on your book. To further enhance your reading, rent one of our luxurious cabanas in Puerto Rico, complete with built-in cushions and shade.

Admire the Sunset

While the days at Bahia Beach are spectacular, the sunsets seen from our beaches in Puerto Rico are not to be missed. Whether you want to cherish the moment on a romantic walk with a loved one, or you want to show your children how much of an artist Mother Nature can be, our sunsets will take your breath away and provide an impeccable ending to your day—or the perfect beginning to your night.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a relaxing experience or an adventure; our beaches in Puerto Rico are exactly what you need. Come on down to Bahia Beach and discover what the beach was meant to be.