Investing in Caribbean Real Estate: 4 Things to Consider

May 11, 2015

Who doesn't dream about a home or rental in the Caribbean? Its serene waves and lush greens are the ideal backdrop for memories to be made, which is exactly why Caribbean real estate is an excellent investment. And with Puerto Rico's tax incentives, it's even more appealing. But not every piece of Caribbean real estate is created equal. To make sure you are making the smartest investment for your money, you should strongly consider these four factors:


Location is always the number one thing to consider when deciding on a piece of Caribbean real estate to invest in. Whether you are planning on living in Puerto Rico yourself, or you plan to use the property as a rental, you want to make sure that you find a home in a location that best suits your needs. Choose a home close to popular amenities, like the beach, restaurants, and shopping areas.

For example, the Las Verandas condos at Bahia Beach give you breathtaking views of the golf course, lakes, and the El Yunque National Forest. As an owner of this prime Caribbean real estate, you will also have access to an expansive shared lawn, a gazebo-equipped swimming pool, and BBQs and kitchenette areas throughout the property. Additionally, you get to take advantage of everything the Bahia Beach Resort has to offer.

Healthcare and Utilities

Check out the health facilities nearby (especially if retirement is in your near future) so you can get the care you need when it’s necessary. And, of course, don’t forget about making sure you can get water, electricity, phone, and internet with no issues—which is all easily attainable at Bahia Beach.

Low Crime Rate

Just like with any other state or territory in the country, Puerto Rico has some areas with low crime rates and others with high crime rates. Research the crime rates in the area of the Caribbean real estate you are considering. And in case you were wondering, Bahia Beach is known for having some of the lowest crime rates in the territory.

Trustworthy Name

If you want a piece of Caribbean real estate that will get you a solid return for your money, choosing property from a reputable company is a must. At Bahia Beach, you have the opportunity to custom build your own St. Regis home. Not only is the name well-known and respected in the Caribbean real estate circles, but as a St. Regis homeowner you also get exclusive benefits and rewards as a member of their Owner Benefits Program and Starwood Preferred Guest® loyalty program.

When you want the best Caribbean real estate your money can buy, Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico is an excellent option. From the picture-perfect location to the ideal amenities to the low crime rates and renowned name, Bahia Beach has everything necessary for a smart investment.