The Greatest Locations for Fishing in Puerto Rico

November 29, 2015

Bahia Beach is the best place in Puerto Rico for many things, including relaxing at picturesque beaches, kayaking through gorgeous canals, and enjoying first-class accommodations at our luxury resort. More than that, Bahia Beach is centrally located to some of the most exciting game fishing in Puerto Rico. If you crave deep-sea fishing, you won’t have to travel far - just one mile off the coast of San Juan you’ll find the ocean bed 600ft below your vessel. If you prefer the calmer, light-tackle version, you can fish in canals, lakes and even while standing on the shore. Puerto Rico is full of world-class fishing locations for you to discover.

Bahia Beach

We couldn't discuss amazing fishing in Puerto Rico without first mentioning our own resort. With 70 acres of pristine canals and lakes to be explored via kayak, Bahia Beach is the ideal location for a relaxing day of catch-and-release fishing. If you crave adventure and want to be privy to the finest fish Puerto Rico has to offer-such as the mahi-mahi, wahoo, and marlin—then you can use the Bahia Beach resort boat to fish directly from the beautiful ocean that borders our resort.

Puerto Rico Trench

If you head north from San Juan you will come to the highly recommended fishing locale known as the Puerto Rico Trench, where the ocean depth is an impressive 28,000 feet. This incredible location for fishing in Puerto Rico is also called Blue Marlin Alley because it is famous for its high blue marlin population. While you are likely to see these gorgeous fish any time of the year, you will witness much more action if you visit the Puerto Rico Trench from July to September.

Continental Shelf

Not only is the Continental Shelf renowned when it comes to fishing in Puerto Rico, fisherman from all over the world travel to the Continental Shelf to experience its rare collection of fish for themselves. Almost every charter company that offers fishing in Puerto Rico provides an excursion to the Continental Shelf, which is about 10 miles off the eastern coast and gets up to a depth of 2,000 feet. You will put your fishing skills to the test as you try to catch some of the most magnificent fish species in the ocean, including marlin, barracuda, dorado, wahoo, tuna, king mackerel, and more.

While the above locations for fishing in Puerto Rico may be the most well known, you truly can’t go wrong when exploring the ample oceans around the Bahia Beach resort. From the popular winter fly-fishing destination of Culebra to the bonefish feeding in the serene water around Vieques, there is no shortage of remarkable fishing in Puerto Rico.