Differences Between Kayaking and Canoeing in Puerto Rico

November 29, 2015

Kayaking and canoeing in Puerto Rico can be absolutely magical. They both make you one with nature as you explore the wonder that surrounds you. As you travel through the 70 stunning acres of lakes and canals at Bahia Beach, you will discover the lush greenery and crystal clear waters with a unique point of view.

While Puerto Rico kayaking and canoeing are both soul-finding experiences performed on lightweight boats, there are some distinct differences you should be aware of before choosing which one to borrow from our boathouse.


The first factor to consider when choosing between kayaking and canoeing in Puerto Rico is how you will be sitting down for your excursion. In a canoe, you can expect to either have a seat at your disposal, or you will be kneeling down near the front of the boat. On the contrary, Puerto Rico kayaking requires you to rest on the bottom of the boat with your legs extended in front of you.


The paddles used when kayaking or canoeing in Puerto Rico are also unique. Kayakers will use a double-blade paddle, which makes it easier to learn the technique and helps the boat go faster. Canoeing, on the other hand, uses a single-blade paddle, which reduces the amount of zigzagging in the water, creating a smoother ride.


Another major change to consider when opting for Puerto Rico kayaking or canoeing is the deck design. When you explore in a canoe, you will have the advantage of an open deck, which means room to move around and extra space for storage. In a kayak, however, the deck fully closes around you, which means you can’t move around, but you do get the benefit of additional protection from the water coming onboard.


After taking a look at the dissimilarities between canoes and kayaks, it is clear that they are used for very different reasons. If you desire a leisurely voyage over 70 acres of canals and lakes on the Bahia Beach grounds, or you want to have ample time to take in the abundance of stunning plant and animal life of the Espiritu Santo River-especially the breathtaking mangroves and vast variety of beautiful bird species-using a canoe in Puerto Rico is the best choice. You will have more room for supplies and you can fit a few people onboard.

However, if you want an increased heart rate to go along with your exploration, a kayak is for you. Its sleek design makes it ideal for faster rides and increased agility-but if you want to go with your family you will each need your own.

No matter which way you choose to discover the astonishing scenery that makes up Bahia Beach, you will be sure to have an unforgettable experience. Make sure to visit the boathouse at Bahia Beach to get all of the gear you need for an incredible day of kayaking or canoeing in Puerto Rico.