Ocean Sports Activities in Puerto Rico | Bahia Beach Resort

March 9, 2018

The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort is getting ready for the grand opening of our new Ocean Sports Club, Surfin’ Bahia. Surfin’ Bahia will be offering water sports activities & packages for members and guests of the hotel, beginning March 2018. Enjoy thrilling adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime when you try your hand at windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, & surfing Puerto Rico’s blue waters, on Bahia’s two-mile crescent beach.Surfin’ Bahia is perfect for adventure-seekers or anyone looking to add something new to your weekly fitness plan. Our new ocean sports vacation packages are sure to create an exciting resort experience and memories that will last a lifetime. Eager to learn more about these sports before diving right in?

WINDSURFINGWindsurfing combines all of the best elements of surfing and sailing, into one unparalleled ocean adventure experience. We will provide you with your own board, and the attached sail will propel you through the water as you are driven by the natural force of the wind and the waves. Feel the wind in your hair and the mist of the Atlantic Ocean on your skin as you experience windsurfing like no other, here in Puerto Rico. If this is your first time catching a wave, our experienced on-property windsurfing instructors are here to help you find your balance. Once you catch the wind and that first, unforgettable ride across the waves, we promise you will be hooked.

SURFINGPeople from all around the globe travel to Puerto Rico to experience surfing on our shores. Whether you are a seasoned professional or have always wanted to try this iconic spot, Surfin’ Bahia will provide you with what you need to get out on the water and ride the waves. Leave your worries and your wetsuits behind as you endure warm waters, epic waves, and the experience of a lifetime at Bahia Beach.

OCEAN KAYAKINGIn addition to leisurely kayaking tours through lakes and rivers, we are thrilled to be adding ocean kayaking to our available resort activities. Don’t feel bad about skipping leg day at the fitness center… take your full-body workout - outside! A kayak is a low-to-the-water boat similar to a canoe, made for one person or two people. Now with our Ocean Kayaking program, you can paddle out on the sparkling blue waters, take on the waves, and explore the natural beauty that surrounds you at Bahia Beach.

PADDLE BOARDINGPaddle boarding at Bahia Beach takes guests on a journey in the open ocean. With only a board and a paddle, this soothing water sport will help you to find your balance and connect with nature. Worried about attempting stand-up paddle boarding? Our skilled Surfin’ Bahia Instructors will be there every step of the way to have you up and paddling in no time! Guests of all skill levels can benefit from this low-impact sport, as you paddle board around the endless Bahia Beach Resort, enjoying the beautiful waters and surrounding scenic views.

KITEBOARDINGMany people are familiar with water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding… but what about kiteboarding? Kiteboarding is an on-and above-water sport that combines aspects of other exhilarating sports, including wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, and sailing. This extreme sport is quite a workout, provides a rush of adrenaline, and makes for a great story – whether you’re telling your friends about your daring adventure over dinner or sending pictures to family back home.Ready to jump into our tropical waters and try one of these exciting new water sports? Contact member services to coordinate your first experience, and we will see you on the beach!CONNECT WITH BAHIA BEACH RESORT:Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest