What to Pack for your Vacation Rental in Puerto Rico

April 13, 2015

You have your luxury vacation rental in Puerto Rico reserved, your flight booked, and now all that’s left is packing for your trip to paradise. Packing is crucial: You want to pack light enough that it’s easy to get around, yet efficient enough that you have everything you need so that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation rental in Puerto Rico.

Clothing Suggestions:

First, you need to bring something to wear, of course. When packing for your vacation rental in Puerto Rico, keep in mind that it’s pretty much always warm. Over the course of an entire year, Puerto Rico rarely gets below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average temp being in the high seventies to low eighties (plus humidity). What does this mean for you? Stick to shorts, skirts, short-sleeves, and dresses. When it comes to fabric, cotton and linen in light colors are your friends. Generally speaking, casual is the way to go on the island, but if you are planning on a nice evening out, don’t forget to pack more formal attire.

Speaking of warm weather, you should also pack some comfortable sandals and a swimsuit or two. With the pristine ocean steps away from your vacation rental in Puerto Rico, you will probably take a swim more than once per day and having a backup will be greatly appreciated. Of course, a pair of sunglasses is also a must.

Adventure Items:

If you are planning on taking advantage of the impressive wildlife and nature surrounding your vacation rental in Puerto Rico, you will also want to bring a few extra items along:

  • Mosquito Repellent – the humidity and lush environment attract them
  • Hiking Boots – the hiking trails found in Puerto Rico are some of the most beautiful in the world and sandals just won’t cut it
  • Waterproof Jacket – rainfall is not out of the ordinary in Puerto Rico (it actually has the only rainforest in the U.S.), so you might want to bring a waterproof jacket if you plan on being outdoors exploring

Don’t Worry About:

Now, for the items you might think you need to pack, but you really don’t. Even though Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean, it is still a U.S. territory, so you can skip these items:

  • Passport – If you have one, you can always bring it, but it is not a requirement for U.S. citizens.
  • Toiletries – Your vacation rental in Puerto Rico (especially Bahia Beach resort) will provide most of the essentials, and you can always pick up anything else at one of the many pharmacies around town. Of course, if you have your favorites, bring them, but they are not required.
  • Outlet Converter – Puerto Rico uses the same outlet system as the U.S. and Canada, so you don’t need to worry about a converter (unless you are visiting from a different country).
  • Excess Cash – All major credit cards are accepted in Puerto Rico, so all you really need to bring is some cash for tips or small purchases. Also worth noting: Puerto Rico does use the U.S. dollar as its currency.
  • Calling cards – Puerto Rico uses all of the same wireless carriers as the U.S., so the same state-to-state roaming rules that your carrier has will apply here. No need to bring a calling card.

Don't Forget:

Clothing, swimsuits, and hiking attire are taken care of, but there are still a few more things you will want to pack to get the most out of your vacation rental in Puerto Rico:

  • Sunblock – Whether you tan or burn easily, sunscreen is a must. The sun shows no mercy on this tropical oasis.
  • Aloe Vera – Just in case the sunblock doesn’t do its job (or you forget to reapply).
  • Camera – The stunning scenery in Puerto Rico can’t be beat, so you will want to make sure to capture it properly.
  • Translator – While most people there will be able to understand English, it’s not a bad idea to install an English-Spanish translator on your phone before you leave—especially if you plan on venturing away from the tourist areas.

Puerto Rico is all about relaxing and enjoying the spectacular scenery you are surrounded by, so try not to stress. Pack what you think you will need, but if you forget something, you will be able to replace it easily at one of the many well-known stores found in Puerto Rico.