Why You Will Love Paddle Boarding in Puerto Rico

October 15, 2015

Experience Paddle Boarding in Puerto Rico at Bahia Beach

Paddle boarding in Puerto Rico allows you to experience tranquility in its truest sense. It puts you a mere inches above the water and lets you float along the river as if you possess hovering capabilities. If you visit Puerto Rico and don’t acquaint yourself with paddle boarding, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Paddle Boarding Explained

The most popular type of paddle boarding in Puerto Rico is standup paddle boarding, where the participant stands up on the oversized surf board and uses one paddle (alternating sides) to propel themself through the water. Puerto Rico paddle boarding can be done on rivers and canals for a more serene experience, or on the ocean for a more thrilling one.

Why You Will Love Paddle Boarding in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is unarguably one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The lush, vibrant greenery surrounding the crystal clear lakes and the dreamlike sandy beaches bordering the turquoise majestic oceans paint the ideal backdrop for becoming one with nature on a paddle board. Whether you opt for river paddle boarding or ocean paddle boarding in Puerto Rico, you will be privy to some of the most amazing views on the island. Your standing position opens up the world around you as you paddle along the stunning sights that only Mother Nature can provide.

Paddle Boarding at Bahia Beach

Bahia Beach is the perfect location for paddle boarding in Puerto Rico because we provide direct access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Espiritu Santo River. Whether you are seeking an adrenaline rush on the ocean waves or a peaceful voyage on the calm waters of the river, Bahia Beach offers the amenities you need to savor every moment:

  • Our lake boathouse is fully stocked with all of the Puerto Rico paddle boarding equipment you need.
  • Our resort contains over 70 acres of canals and lakes for you to enjoy paddle boarding in Puerto Rico.
  • For ocean paddle boarding in Puerto Rico, the Bahia Beach is home to two glorious miles of sandy beaches, just waiting for you to depart from them.
  • Before or after your Puerto Rico paddle boarding excursion you can relax at our luxurious oceanfront cabanas or enjoy a refreshing beverage at our seaside bar.

Become one with nature and discover the beauty of the island firsthand by paddle boarding in Puerto Rico. It is sure to be one of the highlights of your stay at Bahia Beach.