Puerto Rico Restaurant Highlight: Cocoteros

November 10, 2016

When you get to the 9th hole of the masterfully planned Bahia Beach golf course, you will happily discover an unexpected surprise – Cocoteros. This open air restaurant, surrounded by nearly 360 views of beautifully maintained green will seem like an oasis meant just for you. Park your golf cart, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a tropical cocktail and delicious cuisine, that is prepared right before you.Cocoteros has been around for quite some time, but Chef Jesus Ocasio has breathed new life into the quaint bar and grill since he took over as the Executive Chef in May 2016. He has added many new items to the menu, many that take advantage of the fresh produce and fruit grown right on the property in Bahia Beach’s very own gardens. Including the arugula salad pictured below.While the fresh salad and light appetizers are delicious, one cannot deny the pull of a well-built burger after a long round of golf to work up the appetite – and Cocoteros has an array of the best burgers in Puerto Rico. If that doesn’t suit your taste, there are far more entrees to choose from including the fresh fish tacos and other unique sandwiches.

Drinks at Cocoteros on Bahia Beach Golf Course

And don’t forget to taste some tropical cocktails to help you relax among the beautiful scenery. Cocoteros prides itself on their one-of-a-kind cocktail creations. If you are a fan of tequila, choose the Blue Bahia, a fresh take on a margarita. If you prefer something a bit sweeter, order the Cocoterra, a creamy rum drink with a hint of cinnamon. But our personal favorite has to be the Cocojito, which is light and refreshing with tropical flavors of mint, lemon and coconut.Whether you are looking for the best cocktail in Puerto Rico or staying at our luxury resort in Puerto Rico, whatever you choose from the menu, you cannot lose on Hole #9 with Cocoteros’ delicious fare and friendly staff. Enjoy!