Puerto Rico's Best-Known Eco Parks

March 29, 2016

Planning a trip to beautiful Puerto Rico? Make the most of your trip by exploring the lovely eco parks that the Puerto Rico area has to offer. Located just a few miles away from each other, two of the most popular area eco parks include Guanica and El Yunque. Both of these parks have their own distinct features and offerings, so you may want to set aside a full day to explore each! To help with your trip planning, we've taken the liberty of outlining some of the unique offerings of each park below.


If you're staying in Puerto Rico, then the amazing eco park of Guanica will be just a short drive west and is easily accessible by the local highway. When you first set foot in this eco park, you'll feel as though you've been transported to an entirely different world. Specifically, Guanica is known for its vast desert forest and high cliffs that plunge off into the deep blue waters of the Caribbean below. There are also a number of caves that were carved out of limestone and are certainly worth seeing in person. Guanica is home to a variety of different reptile species, as well as numerous types of flowering cacti that adorn the landscape.For visitors, there are plenty of paths available to explore throughout the park—with some leading to such landmark areas as Fort Capron and others leading to the famous, 100-year- old Centenario Tree. For nature lovers, the eco park of Guanica is definitely a must-see during your stay in Puerto Rico.

El Yunque

The eco park experience of Puerto Rico isn't complete, of course, without a visit to El Yunque. This large area of rainforest is famous for its large population of colorful parrots. Throughout your exploration of El Yunque, you'll find lush, green land and lots of beautiful plants, such as the bountiful orchid that thrives in the high humidity of this area. And when you visit El Yunque, make sure you send your greetings along to the so-called good spirit of Yuquiyu that has been believed to reside within the park itself. In fact, it's actually believed that the name of the park itself was a derivation of the spirit's name.Both of these parks are worth the experience during your stay in Puerto Rico and are not something you're bound to forget seeing for yourself.No matter what you plans may be for your upcoming visit to Puerto Rico, be sure to make the most of your experience by staying as a guest with us at the Bahia Beach Resort and Golf Club. We truly have something for everybody to enjoy here.