Rescue and Rehab of Animals After Hurricane Maria at Bahia Beach Resort

The  Bahia Beach Resort is surrounded by the incredible El Yunque National Rainforest with over 65% of the resort designated as nature trails, green areas, and wildlife sanctuaries. Before the hurricanes hit, The Sato Project, in collaboration with several rescue organizations in Puerto Rico, were able to fly out 200 dogs to find their homes in the United States, 11 of which were rescued by the Alma de Bahia Foundation. But in the last month after the hurricanes, much of Puerto Rico wildlife has lost their homes. Because of this, Bahia Beach Resort has become a sanctuary for these now homeless animals as well. The Soul of Bahia has been very dedicated to helping rehabilitate stray, abandoned or hurt animals after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. The Bahia Beach Resort is very fortunate to be located on such lush and beautiful land, and it is our goal to help save the lives of these animals who have been affected by this natural disaster. The Bahia Beach property has marshes, lakes, freshwater swamps, mangroves, sandy beaches, coral reef and secondary forests, which are natural habitats to numerous types of wildlife.

As the Puerto Rico recovery advances, the Bahia Beach Sanctuary has proven to be a true haven and refuge for wildlife. Migratory birds have flooded into the river mouth in order to enjoy newly formed tide pools. Wetland birds are enjoying the stillness of the lakes, while the falcons and hawk sightings are a daily occurrence as they take advantage of an open canopy. Hummingbirds, warblers, bats, and others forage for fallen fruits and flowers while enjoying the blooming of trees and rising shoots. Through it all, wildlife is blossoming and coming back stronger than ever.

The Soul of Bahia is proud to take care and provide a safe place for these animals that have been affected so greatly by these hurricane disasters. Here at the Bahia Beach Resort, we value and treasure this beautiful land and have an incredibly strong commitment to protecting and enhancing habitats for these amazing creatures to thrive on.