Introducing Bahia Beach's Waterpark in Puerto Rico

September 16, 2015

Introducing Bahia Beach's Waterpark in Puerto Rico

When you stay at the gorgeous Bahia Beach resort in Puerto Rico, you can choose from an endless array of activities to appease every member of your family. From hiking in the El Yunque Rainforest to sunbathing on the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to playing tennis at our professional courts, there is always something to participate in. Now, it's even more exciting with the arrival of a new feature in our waterpark.

About the Waterpark in Puerto Rico

At Bahia Beach, it is our goal to give our guests an unforgettable experience every single day. That's why we are always working to improve our resort by building new attractions for our residents and visitors alike. The newest addition is an inflatable waterpark located next to The Boathouse. This waterpark in Puerto Rico features two large water slides and a water trampoline, and it is easily reachable with a short swim from the docks.

Whether you are looking for a way to entertain your young ones, or you want to bring out your own inner child, few things are more fun than splashing into the fresh lake water via the Fire Fall Supreme Slide. Get your adrenaline pumping as you leap from the water trampoline, or scream with excitement as you begin your descent down the intimidating-but-oh-so-alluring waterslide.

Best of all, you can take in the splendor of the sights around you as you have the time of your life. The gorgeous greenery surrounding you is the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable afternoon at our luxurious Bahia Beach resort.

Other Lakeside Activities at Bahia Beach

While you are visiting The Boathouse—one of our most popular amenities—why not take advantage of the other exciting lake activities at the Bahia Beach resort? We provide all of the gear necessary for you and your family to enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities throughout our Puerto Rico resort:

  • Kayak or canoe through the 70 acres of lakes and canals as you are transported to a world where the wildlife reigns supreme and you are just there to take it all in.
  • Head out in a sailboat or fishing boat to relish in the serenity of the lakes in a way that can't be appreciated onshore.
  • Get some exercise in as you embark on a paddleboard or wind surfing adventure.

As a guest of the Bahia Beach Resort, you have the world of outdoor activities at your fingertips. Now, with the introduction of the waterpark in Puerto Rico, your vacation just got even more exciting. So head on down to The Boathouse today to see just how much fun an inflatable waterpark can be.