6 Lake Activities Worth Trying at Bahia Beach

October 28, 2015

6 Lake Activities Worth Trying at Bahia Beach

While our first-class resort is loaded with amenities, one of the most popular is the boathouse. Situated at the edge of a serene lake, it is the home base for an abundance of water activities. Whether you are looking to embark on a new adventure or you desire a relaxing day on the water, the lake activities at Bahia Beach will make your stay even more memorable.


With over 70 acres of tranquil canals and lakes to explore, Bahia Beach is the ideal location for canoeing or kayaking in Puerto Rico. You can explore the Espiritu Santo River's incredible wildlife and scenery on your own, or you can participate in one of our Puerto Rico kayaking tours for a magical experience.


One of the most calming, yet active, lake activities at Bahia Beach is sailing. Mother Nature will envelop you as you make your way through the placid waters using nothing but the wind.


Fishing in Puerto Rico is something not to be missed, which is probably why it is one of the most sought after lake activities at Bahia Beach. The picturesque scenery will surround you as you wait with intense anticipation to see which gorgeous Puerto Rican fish species you will catch. Whether you bring up a snook, tarpon, or peacock bass, you will be able to admire its beauty before releasing it back into the serene waters.

Paddle boarding

For one of the best views from the lake, paddle boarding in Puerto Rico is a must-do lake activity. By standing on the oversized surfboard and skillfully using your paddle, alternating sides, you can make your way through the acres upon acres of water carved through the grounds of Bahia Beach.


For an unbelievable adrenaline rush, you should give Puerto Rico windsurfing a try. With nothing but a surfboard and sail at your disposal, you can navigate your way through the stunning lakes and canals that make up Bahia Beach, creating a memory that will last a lifetime.


Finally, if you are looking for lake activities at Bahia Beach for everyone in your family to enjoy, you should check out the newly added waterpark at Bahia Beach. Perfect for your kids, or those who are kids at heart, our inflatable waterpark allows you to jump, slide, and swim from dawn until dusk.

All of the lake activities at Bahia Beach are sure to be unforgettable, and we have the gear and equipment you need to get going—all you have to do is choose which one you want to try first.