Bahia Beach Resort Introduces Junior Golf Clinics

September 12, 2015

Bahia Beach Resort Introduces Junior Golf Clinics

Bahia Beach is known for having some of the most spectacular golfing in all of Puerto Rico. Our Robert Trent Jones Jr. course is renowned amongst golf professionals, and we take great pride in providing our guests with a premier golf experience. Now, we are adding complimentary junior golf clinics as a benefit to our valued members.

About the Junior Golf Clinics

Every Saturday, golf pros will gather at the Practice Facility to teach your children the fundamentals of golf. Your young ones will not only learn grip and swing techniques, they will also be instructed on the proper etiquette to use on the golf course. Our junior golf clinics were designed for children ages 8-16 to help them gain a strong foundation of the sport.

This hour of instruction every week (from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM) will ensure your young ones can go on and reach their full golf potential. Even if your children don’t have aspirations of becoming a professional golfer, our junior golf clinics are a great chance for them to meet other kids and have a lot of fun on the course.

Why Your Kids Will Love the Junior Golf Clinics

As a participant in the junior golf clinics at Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico, your children will be privy to golf tips from some of the best golfers in the sport. While this education will be invaluable to their future golf game, your kids will also love the social aspect of our junior golf clinics. They will get to spend an hour each Saturday with their peers, where they will make memories and build friendships as they get to know the other children at the Bahia Beach Resort. Additionally, your young ones will love the independence our junior golf clinics provide, since you can simply drop them off for the program.

Why You Will Love the Junior Golf Clinics

A key part of our junior golf clinics is the priceless golf training your children will receive as they learn golfing skills from some of the best golfers in Puerto Rico. You can know that they are getting taught proper techniques from the best of the best. More than that, our complimentary junior golf clinics give you an hour to yourself every Saturday while your children partake in our educational program. Take the time to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee on your oceanfront terrace, or relax with your favorite book at our new Beach Club. Whatever you decide to do, you can know that your kids are well taken care of in your absence.

The junior golf clinics at the Bahia Beach Resort in Puerto Rico are the perfect opportunity for young ones to learn the fundamentals of golf while allowing parents an hour of free time every Saturday. Make sure to RSVP today through Concierge@bahiabeachpuertorico.com.