Why Bahia Beach is an Excellent Puerto Rican Real Estate Investment

December 1, 2015

With the passing of Act 22 in 2012, investing in Puerto Rican real estate has never been more appealing. In summary, Act 22 allows individual investors to become bona fide residents of Puerto Rico, and in return, they are excused from their Puerto Rico tax bill for their income collected via dividends, interest, and capital gains. However, investing in Puerto Rican real estate isn’t only alluring because of these potentially enormous tax savings on your earnings. There are many reasons why purchasing Puerto Rican real estate at Bahia Beach can provide a strong return on investment:

We Are Still Under Development

While many of our new construction homes and condos in The Residences are sold out, there are a few premier lots at Bahia Beach that are still under development. Once these pieces of phenomenal Puerto Rican real estate sell out, property values may skyrocket. Our resort is highly sought after due to its luxurious accommodations and enviable beachfront locations.

Our Location is Supreme

Location is key when it comes to choosing which Puerto Rican real estate to invest in, and at Bahia Beach, we have everything you could ever desire. Our extraordinary beach front property is equipped with all of the amenities necessary for a vacation-like living experience. From our championship golf course and 70 acres of lakes and canals to our close proximity to restaurants and shopping to our exclusivity and allure, Bahia Beach has it all.

Our Name is Trustworthy

Another crucial detail when finding Puerto Rican real estate to purchase is to find a homebuilder that is both recognizable and trustworthy. This not only gives you confidence in your purchase, it will make it a hot commodity when it comes time to sell. At Bahia Beach, you get the privilege of becoming a St. Regis homeowner, and you will get the dependability and luxury that you have come to associate with the name.

You Get More for Your Investment

The incredible location and unbeatable amenities aside, when you invest in Puerto Rican real estate, you get more for your money. While you can expect to pay upwards of 2,000 dollars per square foot for a well-appointed condominium in Miami, you would only spend 600 dollars per square foot for a similar property at Bahia Beach. So not only do you get to live in one of the most exquisite places in the world, you can increase your net worth while you do it.

There has never been a better time to invest in Puerto Rican real estate at Bahia Beach. In addition to the instrumental tax savings you can acquire due to Act 22, you also get to reside at one of the finest, most picturesque resorts in the world.