The Many Terrains of Puerto Rico to Experience Around Your Home Rental

August 24, 2018

When you enter Puerto Rico, you are transported to a world of incredible masterpieces created by Mother Nature. While many people know about the beaches, not everyone realizes that Puerto Rico is made up of mostly mountains. Along with those majestic mountains and sandy shores, you will also find ample rainforests and even a dry forest. When you stay at a home rental in Puerto Rico, you have easy access to this variety of terrains—and within each one you will find some hidden gems to explore.


The stunning, picturesque beaches surrounding our San Juan luxury rentals are the beaches dreams are made of. The Bahia Beach Resort is home to two miles of beach. Some people prefer to enjoy the beach by relaxing on a lush chaise lounge and indulging in their favorite book, while others would prefer to be out in the water kayaking or paddle boarding. No matter which beach activity you choose, it will be right out your front door at a home rental in Puerto Rico.

House Rental on the Beach in Rio Grande Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico’s very own rainforest—the El Yunque National Rainforest is the only tropical rainforest in the national forest system and in the backyard of our San Juan luxury rentals. It features both easy and challenging extensive network of hiking trails that will get you some of the best views on the island. Another incredible experience can be found in Carite National Rainforest: zip lining. The zip line tour by Acampa is available every weekday.


As mentioned, the mountains around a home rental in Puerto Rico are many, but one experience not to be missed is The Rio Camuy Cave Park. A vast underground river carved out 220 caves over 10 miles of caverns. Explore the caves on your own for a quick look, or go with an adventure company to really delve deep into the experience. If you are lucky, you may even discover a new cave—experts predict there are still over 800 additional caves just waiting to be found.

The Rio Camuy Cave Park in Puerto Rico

Dry Forest

Even though most people picture lush rainforests when they are thinking about booking their San Juan luxury rentals, Puerto Rico is also home to what is called a dry forest. The Guanica Biosphere Reserve and State Forest is the driest part of the island due to the mountain ranges that collect all of the precipitation before the clouds make it overhead. This 9,000-acre dry forest is home to 50% of the island’s native birds, including favorites such as the Emerald Hummingbird, Lizard Cuckoo, Woodpecker, and even the endangered Puerto Rican Nightjar.When you stay at one of our San Juan luxury rentals, the incredible terrains of Puerto Rico are all within grasp. Reserve your home rental in Puerto Rico today and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.